The Trust is a self-insured membership cooperative. It was created by Minnesota cities for Minnesota cities, and exists solely to serve its members. The Trust’s fundamental purpose is to cover city risks and to mitigate hazards, not show a profit for stakeholders.

The Trust’s values: What we stand for

  • Provide superior coverage for Minnesota cities and related entities.
  • Help members control losses.
  • Provide members the best value and the lowest long-term cost.
  • Respond to members’ needs always.
  • Be fair and equitable in how costs are spread, and how services and benefits are provided.
  • Provide stability to members by continuing to always pay covered claims, and avoiding sudden shock increases as much as possible.
  • Maintain knowledge and expertise regarding cities and city risks.
  • Maintain members’ trust.
  • Provide leadership on risk issues.
  • Innovate and experiment.

The Trust’s advantage

The Trust values its partnership with Minnesota cities. It serves nearly 830 member cities, as well as hundreds of other related entities, through sound coverage and risk management programs. Members characterize the Trust as follows:

  • Owned and governed by members.
  • Not-for-profit philosophy.
  • Partnership with the League of Minnesota Cities and other organizations focused on municipal matters.
  • Expert staff in local government.
  • Member engagement and collaboration.
  • Unique coverages and loss control programs, which are continually revised and enhanced when possible.
  • Conservative financial practices.
  • Collaborative approach to claim handling.
  • Financially strong and actuarially sound.
  • Stable, affordable premiums.
  • Added protection through “A” rated (or better) reinsurance carriers.
  • Representation by qualified local insurance agents.