Affordable safety training that meets state and OSHA mandates

League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT) workers’ compensation members can get affordable safety training, tailored to your needs and delivered in your neighborhood as part of a Regional Safety Group (RSG).

LMCIT has partnered with the Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association (MMUA) to bring these groups to Trust members as a flexible and innovative way for your city to get personalized safety training and meet state and OSHA mandates without breaking the bank.

RSGs give you the opportunity to form partnerships with neighboring communities while working with your experienced MMUA trainer. Together, you decide dates, locations, and topics to create your own customized training calendar.

An added bonus for being part of an RSG is that you not only share the cost of the training with the other members of your group, LMCIT also covers more than half the cost of training.

By joining or forming an RSG your city will also get these personalized benefits:

SDS access

  • Keep your Safety Data Sheets (SDS) up to date by adding new, updating existing, or archiving no longer needed SDS.
  • Give an unlimited number of employees access to your data, and distribute SDS to customers or contractors.
  • Back up your inventory to ensure compliance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard.

NEOGOV Safety Training

  • More than 200 online safety courses covering a wide range of topics.
  • Engaging online training available anytime, anywhere.
  • Ability to assign online trainings, set due dates, and monitor when employees complete courses.

Learn more about NEOGOV Safety Training

How to start or join an RSG:

  • Contact Ashley Edwardson at or call (651) 281-1268 or (218) 269-5352.
  • Present information to your city for approval to get started.
  • Begin creating your training calendar and working with a trainer.