About MemberLearn

An easy way for Minnesota city officials to learn online!

MemberLearn — the League’s online learning platform — allows our members access to educational courses anytime and anywhere. With an internet connection, this engaging content is available on your computer, tablet, or phone 365 days a year/24 hours a day!

What makes MemberLearn unique?

MemberLearn courses are custom designed especially for Minnesota’s city leaders and brought to you by experienced subject matter experts. When you log in to MemberLearn, you’ll see:

  • Engaging design with videos, games, and other interactive elements.
  • Easy-to-use navigation.
  • A wide range of courses taught by subject matter experts and League staff.
  • Topics relevant to city leaders.
  • Other learning materials that might be useful to members.

Who has access to courses in MemberLearn?

Courses are available to League members and are created specifically for city leaders.

Audiences will be specified on a course-by-course basis — with some learning designed just for elected officials, and others designed just for city staff. This information is available in the description of each individual course.

How will MemberLearn work?

Taking a course is easy. Just log on to MemberLearn (using your MyLMC account*) and you’ll see a dashboard like the ones on Netflix and other on-demand services. This dashboard features a screenshot from each available course, along with a brief description of what you’ll learn.

Courses will typically range between a brief 5 minutes and more in-depth 30-minute options. You can finish a course all in one go, or you can complete sections within a course at your own pace. You can also take a course just once, or you can go back in numerous times to revisit the material — it’s always there for you.

*Please note: Your MyLMC account requires a unique email address — not a shared city email.

What does MemberLearn cost?

The cost of each course in MemberLearn is based on its length, and bulk purchasing discounts will be available for most courses.