Reducing LMCIT Premium Costs

Explore ways in which League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT) members can reduce premium costs.

Published Feb 13, 2024.

Handbook for Minnesota Cities Chapter 22: Expenditures, Purchasing and Contracts

Handbook Chapter

Learn about state laws regulating disbursement of public funds such as competitive bidding requirements, best value and emergency contracting.

Published Nov 3, 2023.

Public Purpose Expenditures

Information Memo

Find general criteria that must be met in order for a public expenditure to be valid.

Published Jun 15, 2023.

Procedures for Paying City Claims

Information Memo

Learn the process for paying city bills as set by laws applying to all forms of statutory city government.

Published Apr 13, 2023.

Electronic Funds Transfer Fraud

Get tips to avoid Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) fraud, and access a model policy on Safe Electronic Transfers and Payments…

Published Mar 9, 2023.

Competitive Bidding Requirements in Cities

Information Memo

Learn what types and price of contracts are subject to competitive bidding requirements.

Published Jul 31, 2020.

Financial Considerations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updates and information to assist in your city's financial decision-making process during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Published Apr 23, 2020.

Purchase and Sale of Real Property

Information Memo

Understand statutory authority for cities to acquire and dispose of real estate.

Published Oct 28, 2018.